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Change in Schedule

I am very sorry for this late notice but I must make a change to our schedule. Error 503 Due to unforeseen family circumstances I must amend the schedule of the module. There will therefore be no module directed learning in week 3. The timetable will shift later by one week up until week 6. […]

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Week 2: Digital Spaces

Welcome to week 2 of Digital Geographies ‘There is a mode of writing about electronic telecommunications technologies which is now becoming ubiquitous. According to this body of literature, what we are seeing is nothing less than a new dimension coming into existence’  Nigel Thrift (1996) “New Urban Eras and Old Technological Fears: Reconfiguring the Goodwill […]

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Example Videos

Here is a compilation video of several student videos from previous years. All of these videos are excellent examples of what is possible. They are all largely based on footage they have found online. You are not required to be visible on screen and you may even use text-to-speech or a friend to record your […]

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Week 1: Introducing Digital Geographies

Welcome to GEO3146 Digital Geographies 2021. No other technological innovation in human history has affected the practice of geography in such a profound way as the computer. It has drastically transformed both geography as an academic discipline and the geography of the world. Sui and Morrill (2004) ” Computers and Geography” in Sui & Morrill Eds. […]